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Once you’ve tidied up your apartment / house ideally a la Marie Kondo style, now is the time to add a bit of a Spring lift to it. Can this be done on a budget you ask?

We think so here and recently updated one of our apartments in Earl’s Court resulting in many immediate bookings following new photos. Here are our top tips to shake up your apartment style and turn it into a welcome haven

Here are our 7 quick tips:

  1. Bedroom – Paint the walls – use a modern fetching shade such as cream, light colours such as sunny yellow, soft green or peachy pink. Anything to really turn your room around and give it a hint of happiness! It will also make the room look bigger, add depth and give it a freshness.
  2. Bedding – Once you’ve painted the walls, you will probably need to get some fetching bedding. We are liking the new range at Habitat, Dunelm is great and offers great value-added discounts, we also like TK Maxx for Hotel quality bedding. Ideally it should be a versatile colour, white is wonderful but oh so delicate. If you do opt for patterns do so but make it trendy and fresh, floral is in but choose wisely and try to go for easy-iron. A throw will also work at the bottom of the bed, a contrast would work well – mustard yellow is ideal too.
  3. Bedding accessories – Once you have your walls, bedding, you now need a matching decorative cushion and/or bolster pillow which will really add that je ne-sais-quoi to your bedroom. It will turn it into a Hotel-style room which is what we like. Once again Habitat, Dunelm and even Primark are getting into the act and offering some great and premium alternatives!
  4. Rug next to bed – If you’ve got wooden flooring in your home/bedroom – chances are you need to get up at night, feet touch the floor and oh so cold. A sheepskin style rug will sort out all that and ideally some slippers too. A rug will also look premium, be nice and warm and frame the area around your bed – that or a small carpet even beneath the bed.
  5. A simple bedside lamp – Bedside lamps go well and add another dimension to your bedroom. Ideally matching lamps, they can be small but sweet.
  6. Beautiful Images/pictures on the walls – there are some great images for the walls to use – pretty scenes and uplifting images work wonders. We’d recommend this site – and you can tailor make your image/ bespoke sizes and all very uplifting. We tend to have pictures of the sea/beaches but anything to take your fancy and your guests will love.
  7. Keep it clean and tidy – It probably seems very obvious but try to move out any old clutter, furniture and dust collectors. You will notice a whole difference – if it doesn’t bring joy either throw out or donate to charity.

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