Spring has definitely sprung and there is no better time then to freshen up your property particularly if you are going to be going away – allowing those all-important guests to stay in your property.

It is also a good idea to tidy up your property with the start of a new season. Perhaps you have been inspired by ‘Tidying up by Marie Kondo’ the inspirational programme on Netflix. We all collect clutter and junk particularly prevalent after the winter months and due to family/home expansion/kids. Marie Kondo uses her special Kon Mari method and advises us to throw out anything or give to charity those items that do not ‘bring us joy’ or feel good and I really agree with her. We’ve had a massive clear-out ourselves at home and this has had an impact on the properties we look after. It is completely up to the property owner to do this but we can advise and all our guests remark on how tidy properties are in terms of cleanliness and how much space there really is!  

Brief Tips on clearing out the clutter:

  1. Bedroom clothes: Start with the clothes and throw them all onto the bed. Sort them out and decide if the particular item of clothing does bring you joy. If it does keep it, if not either throw or add to a charity bag/take to the charity shop.
  2. Bedroom Storage: Buy a large selection of storage boxes, Poundland does some super sturdy boxes and fold the clothes you are keeping neatly into the boxes. Rolling them is a great idea and will save space – great for smaller items such as underwear. Jumpers and t shirts can be folded neatly
  3. Shoes can be added neatly back into the cupboard or a shoe box. Follow the same principle if the pair of shoes you have not worn does not bring joy, give to charity or throw out (dependent on condition)
  4. Bathroom  – follow the same principle as above using smaller boxes and try to throw as much out as possible. Another idea is to get a ‘bathroom tidy’ very reasonable in Homebase/Primark, a small container which will separate your essentials such as cotton wool/toothpaste/brush, looks neat and easy to manage
  5. Kitchen: Work on the other rooms – Kitchen will be another blog addition as will lounge but the principles are to once again throw as much of the food items/boxes which are out of date first, then move to the kitchen items you have never used such as that food processor that has been sitting there gathering dust for years or the hand whisk – ditto, those kitchen implements that are rusted at the bottom of the drawers, and the third drawer down which has old kitchen gloves, oven manuals, old batteries – don’t even! (another chapter dedicated to this)
  6. Reception/Hallway area will need a good clear / shoes and shoe racks – again ask the question ‘do the shoes bring joy’, also clearing out the area so the main reception is neat and tidy giving that perfect first impression when guests arrive.
  7. Outside space/Garden – If you have a garden this also needs to be maintained with the lawn which if small, a manual lawn-mower will suffice and take it from me, is very quick and works just as well as an electric. Keep it trim, weekly cut and keep the hedges trim too. I would also suggest flowers: potted plants work wonders. Flowers that will look pretty in the garden and also indoors would be ideal – Patch Plants are a great option – https://www.patchplants.com/gb/en/outdoor/

If you do require any further assistance or questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the website.